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The Education Minister Launches 16th Aisling Bursaries

Education is the intensely powerful gift and it is amazing that through this gift we can even obtain grater possibilities It should not hindered by financial problems and the journey of it should always persist. The inevitability and its unstoppable force is felt when the education minister John O’Dowd, guest speaker at the launch of the Aisling Bursary presentations held at St Mary’s University College, warmly appreciated the students; the business donors and the local individual contributing the sponsorship for the Bursaries.

The minister’s view

The minister praised the students struggling to identify what they can achieve through education and improving skills. It is the 16th year when the education minister voiced for thr Aisling Bursaries describing it as a beneficial factor to the students. He said the Aisling Bursaries is “a positive way to help students with their education and training costs and I am very encouraged by the willingness of students to strive to be the best they can be.”

The Bursaries’ view

The Bursaries encourage payment in cash for the students of West Belfast, failing which, they may not be able to complete their course of studying This cash comes in the form of donation from the businesses; groups; families or interested individuals.

The minister thinks that economical problems should not act like an impediment to education. He said “The achievements of everyone receiving Bursary awards proves that, given the right opportunities and support, our students can thrive and do well in their education. I have always believed that a young person’s financial situation should not influence their educational opportunities and I will continue to work hard to ensure that all pupils get the same opportunities to fulfil their potential – regardless of what school they go to or what background they come from.”

Geraldine McAteer, the CEO of West Belfast partnership believes that skill development actually fasten the personal development of a learner and through this each of them become capable to advance the economy. He also believes the Aisling Bursaries is one of the causes for this noble purpose.

She said “The WBPB believes in the fundamental need to put education at the heart of regeneration – a sound education, good training and skills development contribute to the personal development of
young people, to their confidence, their sense of fulfilment and personal growth and to achieving their aspirations and goals in life. But significantly, by acquiring the skills and competencies that modern businesses need, young people will help drive the economy and also local economic and social regeneration. The Aisling Bursaries are an invaluable and effective social justice tool which help provide a level playing field for people from West Belfast. The local businesses, families and individuals who contribute are to be commended for their commitment to empowering local people in west Belfast to achieve a better life for themselves and their families.”

A healthy partnership The Principal of event hosts St Mary’s University College, Professor Peter Finn, said that it was a wonderful experience for the institution to be partnered with the Aisling Bursaries.

He said, supporting the Aisling Bursaries ,that an essential feature like the higher education should not be the victim of socio economic inequalities and a greater social justice must be founded. The Aisling Bursaries is the place where the students can found the lost light of their hope.
He added “Increasing participation in third-level education is particularly important in the West Belfast area and the Aisling Bursaries Scheme, delivered by the West Belfast Partnership Board, is one of the best examples anywhere of a commitment to help students realise their full potential.”

Everyone’s education

Education is for everybody it should be achieved by them. The learners’ sincere wish and the efforts of the Aisling Bursaries and more can make it possible. It is a gift and it will produce more gifts in the future if it is earned by the learners.

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