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Inadequate Infrastructure Upsets South Africa Schools

The education system in South Africa faces lots of challenges. The racism, unorganized teaching, poor school infrastructure, lack of quality education requires immediate attention.

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To obtain crucial position on global map the government of South Africa will have to ensure mass participation from different quarter of the society to eradicate inequality for the implementation of progressive education policy.

The South African government will have to safeguard the education system and implement the policy with equality. Post 1994, however, the government has exerted effort on teacher training programme, ensuring quality education is provided and also focused on building better school infrastructure. Nonetheless, even today the faults within the current system is existing.

The Corrosive Concern

Inequality in South Africa still predominate in the diverse society affecting the educational activity in the country . The final show of the 12th grade students shows that inequality still exists. Professor Ruksana Osman, dean of humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, says poor children bear the brunt of bad teaching, disorganized administration and a lack of resources.

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French economist Thomas Pikkety, Professor of Economics at the Paris School of Economics has delivered the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg. His comprehensive writing on inequality in education has thrown light on the different facet to eradicate disparity.

Academic and author John Marsh in his book Class Dismissed says, 'So yes, by all means fix schools, reward good teachers … end the soft bigotry of low expectations. The problem, however, is when our notion of social and economic justice starts and stops with education (…) This is dangerous talk – dangerous because by wrong assignment of causes, it persuades that the cure is possible.'

Like Pikkeety and Marsh many other eminent writers and authors have shown the path to fight and remove the inequality. South Africa simply needs to apply these ideas into real terms.

Building The Infrastructure

The most basic element of education system is the infrastructure. The proper infrastructure ensures appropriate environment of learning. The successful implementation of education through series of programme and activity depends on the infrastructure of the school.

There are several issues which raises questions on the effort to provided learning friendly environment. The factors affecting the favorable functioning in school are:

  • Insufficient study materials 
  • Poor and unstructured teaching 
  • Inability to run school administration 
  • No science labs 
  • Absence of toilets 
  • Lack of teaching resources

The Need Of Robust School Foundation

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The recently conducted survey shows that vigorous school infrastructure leads greater impact on the individuals, says Ruksana Osman leading to better academic performance. Survey reveals that pupil with solid academic foundation has fair chance in terms of better earning.

Adult Education In South Africa

There is a necessity to provide education to the adults. The development of educationally and financially deprived section needs serious attention. These section of the society should be equipped with industry oriented vocational training and education. This would contribute to their financial evolution.
Share your opinion on how South Africa can rise above inequality and provide quality education to financially weaker section of the society.

The Transcession

To attain the overall development, government will have to germinate uniformity regardless of gender, caste and class in the society. Inequality makes poverty reduction more challenging causing conflicts and violence affecting the economic growth of South Africa. Hence, elimination of inequality and building and implantation of progressive educational policy is utmost essential.

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