Monday, 21 March 2016

Unlock Potential Of The Students With Right Teaching And Trained Teachers

Issues related to Nigerian education system still persist. There are many problems ranging from proper education infrastructure, lack of trained teachers, academic administrators, learning materials and many others. Above all the quality of Nigerian, teachers need enhancement abreast quality education. It should be designed as per the international standards so that Nigerian youth get the equal exposure at the international level. But to make this happen all the stakeholders in the education sector have to come forward and collaborate to make things right. Take for example the higher education system in Nigeria. Students have not sufficient access to research level education. Moreover, there is problem at the higher level of education as there are not enough seats available for the students, which makes them fly abroad. Read on. 

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Improving Access & Quality Of Education

In Nigeria, these are the two major concern. Both, access and quality of education need to be developed and enhanced. Because, if students will not have the access to the knowledge then- how will they learn? And even if learning provided- what if a standard of education is absent? In both the scenario, the learner will be deprived of what he/she deserve. Here, in the first place, it's necessary that Nigerian children and youths have access to learning. If there is no adequate infrastructure than online learning could be considered. Online education is now being followed globally and even in the developed countries. With right and useful technologies Nigerian education system can offer effective learning to its citizens.

Teachers Are The Bridge To Knowledge

Education may change its pattern and methods but the role of the teachers will remain crucial. Teachers are the bridge between the learner and the knowledge. Without their support and guidance, a student cannot explore knowledge in a relevant and meaningful way. But teaching is not like other jobs. Here the responsibility of the students depends on the educators. They are responsible for the development and progress of the students. Therefore, a teacher must possess the quality and skill to ensure their students taste success.

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Having said this, teachers need training. There should be skill enhancement programme for the teachers too. In Nigeria, there are many teachers who may not know to use technology to learning. Whereas in different countries, varied education technologies have been incorporated to improve the standard of the learning. This helps students to receive better learning support from the teachers as well as ed techs. Hence, it's essential to note that the teachers training programme should include on using the ed techs in the proper manner. This will help Nigerian teachers to focus on the learning development of students as well as guiding them on using the learning techs.

The Right Move

Nigerian government, policy makers and stakeholders of education have the seriously take the initiative to formulate a progressive teachers training. As earlier mentioned no matter how better technologies become but role of teachers in education will always remain indispensable. The human element is the most important substance in the learning, however, technology in the modern age can sure assist to attain the set goal.

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