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How Education Technology Drives Education To Evolve For Better?

To converge the requisites of the transforming society, education has to expand invariably. And hence, reformation and up-gradation of education is key to social and economic development. Sensing this, the perspective of the world towards education is changing. In the current time, new ideas and trends are seriously considered by the educationalists and learning facilitators (school and higher learning institutes).

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For past few years, education technology stepped into the learning world. The entry of edutechs into education has created the scope for improvement of learning. Moreover, it has aided in easy access of education. Today, students (school, college, and university) access learning from their devices with the internet. This allows them to explore the current updated knowledge materials.

Engaging To Study With Digital Tools

Technology has eased the way teaching and learning have been catered and received. As edutechs advanced, online learning improved which was already existing from years. With mobile techs, e-learning is now available at the fingertip of the learner. The top advantage of online courses is- tremendous learning flexibility. Nowadays schools and higher learning institutes offer the facility of online education to support their students. The e-learning facility has helped students to relate to the pertinent study of topics and lessons with video or infographic presentations. Unlike classroom learning, at online platform of education students and pause and play learning according to their need. 

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With the evolution of techs, new technology came to the world of education. These includes learning apps, software, mobile learning techs and others. One positive thing about tech-enabled learning is that- students love it! Swapping the learning contents and lecture with on has made them take the learning which individually students may require learning. There is argue to deny the role of techs in the modern education system. Rightly pointed out by Andreas Schleicher, Director, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)- “Technology can enhance experiential learning, foster project-based and inquiry-based pedagogies, facilitate hands-on activities and cooperative learning, and deliver formative real-time assessment.”

Creation Of Future Schools

Planning is indispensable. Enabling schools to match the criteria of the future education is crucial. The education system of the school should adopt new techs which will help to learn to improve. According to George Burgess founder of British Gojimo, “I hope we will use technology much more imaginatively to connect learners, and give learners a greater sense of belonging and engagement.”

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Improved And Easy Learning

Today YouTube or Skype are not just restricted to entertainment just video chatting but has evolved to the important learning tool. Teachers share the link of the related videos with students which can help them to gain additional and relative knowledge. Education in the future will have to adopt new approach as learning need will vary from individual to individual. Personalised learning is what that can help to deliver need based learning which could be provided by the tech-enabled education. Besides, gamification and blended learning (mix of classroom and online learning) could help to engage students in accessing learning beyond the brick and mortar set up.

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