Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Active Learning Environment To Change The Framework Of Education In Near Future.

The infusion of modern day technology and the improved mindset of the educators and learners are driving education to a higher level. The need for active classroom and active learning are making a wave like never before.

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What exactly are the changes in educational ecosystem that making so much buzz around the internet?

Well, to get the whole picture try to imaging a changed learning environment around you with a giant 4k ultra-HD monitor, digital white board and top-notch video conferencing equipments, virtual whiteboard, high-speed internet and so on. This is how modern students want their classroom looks like.
And advanced learners are falling for active learning rather than relying on traditional education as the need for hands-on experience along with quality education is what they need the most.

This is how a twenty-first century education and the platform of active learning looks like. Technology, ever since it started infusing with education, has changed the way a classroom and the way of study in too may ways.

Today's advanced classroom promotes active learning and unlike traditional learning institutes they arm students with development opportunities through the updated nature of education and learning environment. Active classroom provides upgraded tool and up-to-the-minute educational system to support creativity and prominence in studying for the students and teaching for the educators. Active learning classroom backs-up active learning where learners can evaluate themselves by engaging in research based learning. This means, instead of fully relying on lectures delivered by educators, they have the chance to dig into the internet to search and modify study material.

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Active learning supports self-directed learning, where students are in the core engine of education. Learning online makes the students self-disciplined as this mode of learning is required lot of control. 

Let's fathom the innovative ideas that a digital educational environment has to offer. 

Digital classroom. Digital classrooms are upgraded and vibrant study-places where learners can engage themselves in intuitive study. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar classroom, digital classroom does not bound the students with strict guidelines. They can engage in a audio-visual conference, a small-group or even 1-2-1 conversation whenever they feel the need of it. The classrooms are designed to help students to express their ideas explicitly. 

Technologies, in this digital era, are not treated as mind distractors that interrupt the focus, they are the source of information that forms a connection; connection within classroom and beyond it. With the abundance of resources and best-in-class tools that promote advanced learning, students are becoming addicted to learning.

The idea of educators has also been changed in these teach-enabled learning environment as the advanced teachers are more open to ideas and resources. "They have gone from being the sage on the stage to meddlers in the middle," Jeff Zoul, the assistant superintendent for teaching and learning Deerfield Public Schools District 109 said. "I can walk in in the middle of the class and talk to the teacher. I couldn't do that in maths class. They still spend a lot of time in the front of the room." 

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