Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How African Learners Can Pursue Higher Education Effectively

Higher education is certainly one of the key factors that can enable you to confidently compete in today's intensely competitive global job market. Various countries across Africa are striving hard to counter academic challenges and offer excellent learning opportunities to students. Although a lot more is still required to be done to improve the educational scenario in the continent, many establishments are now taking the right steps to help you earn a degree and steer your career towards success. Lets have look..... 

Making Education Effective 

I have observed that a number of organisations are working diligently to improve the state of higher education in Africa. UN agencies, such as the World Bank and UNESCO, along with the Carnegie Corporation of New York are now offering excellent online resources. The African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI), established by UNESCO in 1980, focuses on improving capacity for research and training while aiding collaboration. The bi-annual conference organised by ANSTI, the Conference of Vice-Chancellors, Deans of Science Engineering and Technology or COVIDSET, focuses on addressing challenges related to engineering and science education. According to reports from the COVIDSET, actions plans have already been proposed to improve the relevance of technology, engineering and science education in the overall development of Africa. 

Moreover the Education for All Global Monitoring Report from UNESCO aims to identify helpful policy reforms, effective practice, new challenges and evaluate progress in achieving the goal of Education for All. This also includes increasing the volume of students pursuing higher education. UNESCO has taken another initiative called Education Transforms Lives, which works to promote education and enhance employment opportunities. 

Focussing On Academic Challenges 

In addition to this, the World Bank has set up nineteen centres of excellence in mathematics, engineering, technology and science at reputed universities across 7 countries throughout Central and West Africa. Another programme by the World Bank, Tertiary Education In Africa, aims to improve different aspects in higher education in Africa. 

Furthermore, the Higher Education and Libraries in Africa programme launched by the Carnegie Corporation of New York provides financial assistance and access to resources, projects and institutions that are striving to better capacity development in Africa. It focuses on improving excellence in postgraduate education, research as well as retention of scientists in their own countries. The company also started the Africa Regional Initiative in Science and Education that is improving engineering and science education and research by facilitating university-based networks. This helps learners to access financial assistance and job opportunities. 

Opting For A Smarter Solution 

However, the fact remains that even though all these establishments are significantly improving the state of higher education in Africa, numerous aspiring students are still unable to access quality learning opportunities and acquire training and qualifications. In fact, the value of a recognised degree is growing every passing day as employers keep looking for candidates who can add value to their business from day one. Hence it has now become important that not only you acquire the right training and qualification, but also gain relevant work experience that will give you an edge over the competition while going for a job interview. 

I admit that several political, geographical and other challenges across the continent have made it difficult for most students to pursue a degree, but if you work smartly, you can not only gain experience but also earn a recognised degree with taking out any student loans. How? The answer is online degree programmes. 

Many academic experts believe online learning is an excellent and valuable tool that can enable African students to pursue higher education and professional programmes right from their homes, without spending excessive money. You can now find numerous students across Africa pursuing online degree programmes from various colleges and universities worldwide. These online programmes are not only affordable, but these also enable you to work and study simultaneously with easy and flexible schedules. Moreover as most employers and universities now recognise and accept online degrees, you will be able to get a job or pursue further education easily. 

Improving Education In Africa 

With more learning and training opportunities being introduced, both online and on-campus, the future of higher education in Africa surely seems bright with better and more affordable options and growing employment opportunities. 

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