Friday, 22 May 2015

Upcoming eLearning Africa 2015 : The continent’s leading conference on ICT in education

Africa, a common destination for technology transfer from all over the world, is stepping up and ahead in making education (formal training) more inclusive of modern technological advancements. Modern technology, with its amazing and astonishing new inventions, that were only imagination even in the near past, is opening up new dimension in education. With the newly invented gadgets and accessories, like GoogleGlass for remote learning, and video conferencing facility replacing traditional classroom education, that are heavily used in Western countries, perceived underdeveloped regions of the world like Africa has no justification and no excuse viable, for remaining behind.

eLearning Africa 2015

'eLearning Africa 2015' – a conference to be held in its tenth chapter (version), in Addis Ababa, the headquarters of African Union and the capital of Ethiopia, one of the largest and growing economies of Africa, investing hugely in both education and technology, and their integration .. is a great opportunity to exchange constructively about best learning practices that are in use in African countries, both with and without technology, that can be enhanced with the digital e-learning process. 

With the futurist and visionary theme of 'Enriching Tomorrow', under the light of influential representative figures of the modern world, like : Guenter Nooke, Personal Representative for Africa of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and Mark Surman (Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation), the gathering of top-most influential political leaders and businessmen of Africa, in the field of education and implementation of technology, in the conference of eLearning 2015, can come up with feasible, accurate solutions of problems like : 'eLearning for African journalists' and 'Successful formulation of remedy to remove digital illiteracy from Africa,' in the presence of expert educators in conference. 

1200 representatives from all over the world might be participating in the 'eLearning Africa 2015' conference.


The annual economic growth rate of many of the countries in Africa, in near about 10%. The 'eLearning Africa 2015' conference is a great opportunity to come up with an agreement firmly, in ratifying the common policy of integrating technology in education as much as possible, which is an essential in training that is up to the mark with the world and is essential in development to keep the momentum in growth going. 
Integration of technology can build a new generation of young entrepreneurs, highly skilled technically and technologically .. solving rudimentary problems in agriculture, as well as taking Africa in the level playing ground, as an equally smart and equipped player with others, in this 'Space Age.'


Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Debretson Gebremichael, said his country took “enormous satisfaction” in welcoming eLearning Africa to Addis Ababa for the second time, the continent’s leading conference on ICT supported education and training, that promises to take benifits of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to the doorstep of every African household. 

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