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Can An MBA Help You Achieve Your Career Goals?

Are you aspiring to be a manager? Or looking forward to move into leadership roles? Want to change your career field or planning to become a business owner? If you wish to move your career forward then an MBA can certainly provide an edge and help you accomplish your career goals faster and more easily. By studying an MBA you will get to develop various business & management skills, “like the fundamentals of finance and how it ties a business together,” according to Peter von Loesecke, CEO and managing director of The MBA Tour, which hosts various events worldwide.

Why study MBA

Being an MBA student you will acquire comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of a business like marketing, finance, economics, business strategy, human resource management, ethics, that will better enable you to run an organisation successfully. Through a series of group projects, case studies, networking and even real world experiences you will develop the essential skills that will enhance your business perspective and acumen.
Von Loesecke said “An MBA will teach you to think holistically when solving problems. In today’s business world, you have to learn how to look at the influences, work in groups under pressure, make decisions, even when the facts aren’t clear, and be flexible enough to change those decisions when needed.”

Scott Shrum, director of MBA admissions at graduate school admissions consulting company Veritas Prep, said that an MBA “degree is designed to help you think more as a manager should - critically, strategically and globally. But one of the best reasons to get an MBA is the exposure you will gain to people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Your network will grow and you’ll learn a lot. That exposure has lasting business value.”

Changing environment

However, if you think that earning an MBA degree means you will instantly land a high paying job with a swanky corner office then you might be expecting too much. Although it might have been true earlier, but after the last financial crisis the whole scenario has changed drastically.
Von Loesecke said “Before 2001, companies would hire new MBA grads even without a defined slot for them. They’re more judicious about hiring now, and 'employability,’ plays a large part in getting into schools and getting hired afterward.” I should mention that here 'employability' refers to relevant work experience which most employers tend to value more these days than a college degree. Shrum added “We’ve been seeing a trend of education inflation for some time. Two generations ago, a college degree was impressive. A generation ago, a graduate degree was impressive. Now everyone has a bachelor’s degree and many people have graduate degrees.”

So is the MBA still worth it?

Shrum believes that it is. He added “Yes, it’s still a good career investment if you choose the right program, for the right reasons and have realistic expectations.” However, first you need to gain some work experience, he said. Shrum continued “Future employers want to know what you have done and accomplished. They’re looking for talent and results. If you go straight to grad school from college, you’ll lack real-world experience, yet still expect a higher MBA salary when you get out. That’s a mismatch in today’s job market.”

Then what should you do?

If you ask me, the answer is simple, yet effective. Nowadays, online top up MBA courses have gained immense popularity due to quality education, affordability, flexibility and the numerous benefits it offers to the learners. Moreover, with rising tuition fees at B-schools and universities across the globe, more and more aspiring managers are now opting for online MBA. But how does it help you?

Apart from the providing you excellent learning opportunities and a cost-effective way to earn a degree, these courses offer high levels of flexibility and convenience. Hence, you can opt to work and study simultaneously and gain relevant work experience in your preferred industry. As the content and materials are easily accessible and available online, you can choose to study at night, at your leisure or while you are on the go and still manage time to work a full time job. Earning a recognised top up MBA degree from a reputed university in UK will also help you to get better opportunities and boost your employability. Now most employers accept and recognise top up MBA from UK universities as these provide high quality business education and offer accredited qualifications.

So if you are gearing up for a lucrative career in business management and wish to climb up the career ladder without any hassles then it's time you get enrolled for an online MBA course.

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