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Top 5 Emerging Online Educational Platforms for Africa

Amongst all the issues that Africa has to tackle , education is a stem concern which leads to poor development of the African Countries. Unavailability of proper educational resources and insufficient funding for higher education lead to the significant increase in the illiteracy rates and hence unemployment.

But with the onset of technological revolution into education, Africa has got a new boost. Recently the ICT conference in Johannesburg had big plans for African IT and Communication studies with corporates eager to invest into technology education.

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As we all are aware of the Africa civil and economic crisis, development in education will not be possible unless foreign investments are increased.

Online Education has definitely been a boon in disguise for the African students who wish to pursue higher education but the lack of resources drag them behind into illiteracy. 

Open University Uk , British Council, IBM, and other Technology Corporate of education and technology have leaded their hands to bring about technology and innovation into online learning and hence involve more and more of the students into higher education.

Here are few Online Learning Platforms designed and marketed in the African Nations to promote and sustain huge revolution in online education.


As far the tag line goes "Homework on your mobile phone for teachers and their learners." It clears indicates that the students have no longer spend hours in their classrooms and like wise for the teachers who spent more than 20 hours of a week going through the classes and checking homeworks.

All they need to do is listen to the sterio of the pre-recorded lesson and then finish the assignments online and submit it. The App is so designed that the lesson sterio can also be played on the basic mobile phones. founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO) Christopher Pruijsen says that aims to save teachers significant amounts of time by automating the homework preparation, distribution and marking process.

 This is a gaint leap for the mobile learning technology.

2. Rethink Education

It is an interactive online learning platform designed to help both teachers and learners using. The platform has a huge data base of powerpoint presentations and also interactive chat sessions on Maths, Natural Science, Physics and Chemistry. This online and mobile learning platform is convenient , cost effective and even allows the teachers and parents to monitor the students progress. Rethink Education currently only operates in South Africa, but sees Ghana and Nigeria as ideal targets for expansion due to similarities in the mathematics and science curricula in the three countries.

3. Ubongo

Ubongo online educational platform aims you in teaching children Mathematics through fun videos. Currently its operational in Tanzania, and allows participation via simple SMS. The videos hit more than 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania .
4. Youngsoul

As an initiative from the ICT conference , Youngsoul is the technology platform which produces e-learning software in the West African country and also improvises on the implementation of ICT in school level education. It aims to produce computer literate young Nigerian minds through VirtualClass. 

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The software tools contain animated videos, simulation exercises and teaching tools to enable Nigerian schools to meet the requirements of becoming ICT enhanced organisations. The tools are so designed that can help the teachers to closely evaluate the student progress at the individual level.

5. Obami

Obami came into existence in 2009 founded by Barbara Mallinson describes it as a “generic social network” and since then it had undergone various developments and has now finally relaunched as a profitable organisation providing a variety of educational solutions. Obami is the one stop solution for the students, teachers and parents, as well as governing bodies, NGOs, small businesses and corporates. It is available both on web and mobile versions.

All these educational platforms have been developed and marketed to help the government overcome the education challenges of Africa and hence increase its education standards to an international level.
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