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How You Can Get A Job In Microsoft With An Online IT Diploma

Do you dream of starting a career in IT? Want to work for the global leaders in the IT industry? How about landing a job at Microsoft? can get employed as an IT professional at Microsoft provided you have the rights skills and knowledge. This is where a recognised information technology course can help you in boosting in employability and preparing for a career in the foremost IT firms. Take a look....

Build your career at Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the leading multinational technology companies in the world that can take your IT career to new heights. Bill Gates became the richest person on the planet from a mere college dropout by working for this company. So there is no doubt that Microsoft can also help you to boost your professional and personal life. The fact is most of the employees in the company claim they have an ideal work-life balance, and they work passionately with different teams in an enhanced working environment.

But are there adequate opportunities with the company?

Yes! Recently, the technology giant invited Newcastle IT specialists Technology Services Group for their exclusive global advisory council. The council, consisting of only 27 official reseller partners worldwide, meets twice every year at the Seattle headquarters of Microsoft. Technology Services Group (TSG) is among the 2 businesses in UK who were offered a seat.
 Paul Burns, National Technical Director at TSG, said“As one of the UK’s largest end to end IT solution resellers, this is huge news for TSG. The Global Partner Advisory Council gives us a great chance to talk to other large partners from around the world as well as to represent our customers directly in front of Microsoft. ”
Burns added “The council is the perfect platform to feedback to Microsoft what we see among products as working well or not for our customers. So we have an opportunity to influence the development and delivery of their products which will ultimately improve the experience for our customers.”
David Stonehouse CEO of TSG said “This recognition shows how Microsoft values TSG as a key partner with a suitably influential audience of good, mid-market sized businesses. Our envied status as a Microsoft partner demonstrates that we have the right breadth of experience and expertise across everything from Dynamics NAV and SharePoint to Office 365. This means that we’re perfectly aligned to support our customers’ investments in their IT strategies as they grow with us.”
Now it's your time

As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity for growth with Microsoft, whether
you want to work with them as a partner or as an employee. But do you have what it takes to get a job in Microsoft? If you do not have a degree in computer science or a comprehensive understanding of coding, you can still take the right steps to prepare yourself for a lucrative career. How?

Simply opt for accredited information technology courses online as these will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to build a thriving IT career. Pursuing a recognised online IT course from a reputed institute will enable you gain a comprehensive knowledge about IT and computing. Moreover, you will be able to acquire a recognised IT and computing pathway (Diploma + Top Up = Degree) , without the need for taking out heavy student loans.

However, the biggest advantage of computer information technology online courses is that these offer you high levels flexibility and convenience. Hence, you can easily opt to work a full time or part time job and gain relevant experience while you study. This will undoubtedly take you closer to your dream job with Microsoft.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that once you have gained the required knowledge and skills, you will surely be able to build your career in the IT industry the way you want to and give your career the boost it deserves.

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