Monday, 1 June 2015

Why College Education Is Still Valuable Both Figuratively And Literally


Education has been considered as one of the main pillars of democracy and citizenship in our nation, which paved the way social mobility as well as national prosperity. The fact is higher education not only opens minds, it also opens doors. However, currently high school students and their parents are now questioning the value of education. Do you think it is still worth to invest in a college education? The answer is an obvious “yes” as a college degree certainly pays off in terms of return on investment.

College education is valuable

A number of studies and data reveal that there are excellent economic benefits of a 4 year college education. During their lifetime, graduates who pass out from colleges usually earn around 60 per cent higher that those who skip college education. This can amount to more than 1 million dollars. Finishing college can create a greater impact on young women in terms of their earning power. If you are a female college graduate with a bachelor’s degree between the ages 25 and 34 years, then expect to earn 70 per cent more than if you had only finished your high school diploma. 

Studies also found that college graduates usually lead better and more active lives. They tend to vote and volunteer more often with a higher probability of owning a home. College graduates are often healthier and have less probability of being a smoker by 17 percentage points. Moreover, their children also have higher probability of going to college as well. Higher education motivates individuals to be more engaged as citizens and live longer and healthier lives. These are undoubtedly some great reasons to study and earn a college degree.

College offers many benefits

However, there are many other benefits of going to college that are difficult to measure, but are equally important and add value to your life. Let's take look....

It can take you to new heights

Higher education is often a passport to exploring your curiosity and new ways of thinking. You can learn new languages, learn about new cultures, learn about topics that interest you and even understand yourself differently.

It enables you to meet new people

College students usually learn by communicating and interacting with various
types of people, whether it is inside the classroom or outside. You can discuss various topics with your teachers or fellow students. You can even join various groups and communities that share similar interests. This will help you understand a wide array of viewpoints and engaging with different people.

It will teach you the value of slowing down

In this digital age, speed and connectivity have gained exceptional importance. However, in the rush to communicate quicker, we forget to think clearly as we strive to maintain pace with our devices. College education teaches you the virtue and importance of slowing down, think through by processing information and using insight for better understanding. It encourages critical engagement, reasonable skepticism and the desire to educate yourself.

The bottom line

In the ways mentioned above and many others, the education provided by colleges and universities empowers students to explore, understand and view themselves differently, offering them the ability, space and authority to imagine various novel and innovative possibilities.

What are your thoughts on college education? Feel free to let us know by adding your comments below.

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