Tuesday, 23 June 2015

6 Excellent Tips For Doing An Internship Successfully


If you want to prepare yourself the best way possible for a lucrative career, then an internship can certainly help you to gain some excellent insight and experience in your preferred field. Internships are a great opportunity for you to learn how a business works and how you can apply your knowledge and skills in the real business world. Although it can be rather challenging in financial terms, but doing an internship in your chosen industry can be highly beneficial in the long run.

Louise Hodgson, Director of The Undergraduate Awards, wrote for Huffington Post “I did a year-long internship with a music magazine when I left college. I committed to working for peanuts for 12 months in order to follow my passion. To supplement the peanuts, I waitressed at night and at the weekends -- something I was used to doing throughout college anyway. In fact, it was one of the best years of my life, and I managed to secure a full-time role with the magazine at the end.”

She added “Now that The Undergraduate Awards runs a quarterly internship program, I see the advantages from the other angle. As an employer, internships allow me to find new talent at times when perhaps I wasn't looking for full-time members of staff.”

So if you are also planning for a summer internship, here 6 great tips that will help you to make the most out of it:


Select The Right Internship

Most students have a vague idea of what they wish to become and in what area they want to build their career. Internships are a great way to experiment with different fields and job roles. So it is essential you pick the right ones.

Start-Ups Are Great

Doing internships in start-ups will help you get adequate exposure and hands-on experience in business development. You will be involved in various types of tasks and bear multiple responsibilities to improve the business.

Get A Second Job

Let's face it...many businesses do not pay the interns; however, they make sure you gain the right experience and exposure for all the hard work you put in. Hence, it is often wise to get a second or an additional part-time job to supplement your earnings. You can find several part-time work opportunities online.

Create An Impression

Being an intern, you will participate in different meetings. This is where you need to make your impression by adding something valuable to the conversation. Make sure you offer some suggestions during brainstorming sessions and provide feedback when asked for. Your efforts will be noticed and appreciated by your employer.

Be Valuable

It is important that you stand out and become indispensable, if you wish to get a full time job with the company after your internship over. Hodgson wrote “Think of it like you're actually creating that full-time role. Could the company use social media more effectively? Can you help research contacts for the sales team? Can you carry out some vital market research? Volunteer to do tasks that will add as much value as possible.”

It Is Never Too Late

If you are planning for a career change or if you want to move to different job roles, then doing an internship can help you out a lot, irrespective of your age. Louise Hodgson wrote that she had a friend who, “when he got laid off his journalism job with a magazine, knew he could transfer his skills to the growing social media content sector. On the cusp of turning 30, he took an internship with a small digital agency. A tough choice at the time, but it really worked out for him; he was offered a full-time role and has quickly moved up the ranks to management.”

So there you have it...some excellent tips to get you started on your internship and to help you use your experience to your advantage. With the effort and contribution, you can assure a full time position at your company.

What do you think about internships? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us by commenting below. We would love to hear from you.

Article source - huff.to/1K97ABa

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