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How to progress after 1 year diploma course in Buisness Management?

By sustainability, we mean creating and managing the organizational social, environmental responsibilities for sustainable development under which both human beings as well as nature can exist in productive harmony. Management skills and knowledge is the key to drive sustainable development in B-schools. Though not widely popular, sustainability should meet the needs of the present and also be a part of tomorrow's future where B-schools are educating tomorrow’s business leaders who are under the pressure of share-holders. Hence, young business professionals are demanding an education in sustainability because they mainly want to pursue an MBA career which is meaningful and not only that provides a pay check. 
Since there can be no profits and long-term success in MBA careers without sustainability, sustainability should be the main focus in E-business schools that provides MBA courses. Business schools which are sustainable barely experience financial and reputation risks while becoming more creative and adaptive to their ambiances, thus contributing to the greater good with they help of energy-efficiency measures. They are also able to attract and keep hold of old employees while hiring young executives. 

MBA in B-schools
One career opportunity in MBA in B-schools to emerge from sustainability is in
the clean energy industry where there will be an increased stress on renewables and clean technology in the next five years by creating a change in how we ponder about, produce and use electricity and infact the investment on renewables is on the rise. Such as- a drop in the price of gas and oil which is used to produce electricity has a positive effect on renewables. But, due to some internal as well as external obstacles it is tough to execute the changes of sustainability in the way E-business school wants. Ivey's Tima of Canada said: “The biggest challenge firms have in aligning sustainability goals is balancing shot-term returns with long-term investments”. She also mentioned in a comment: Sustainability is changing the notions of collaboration in ways that we would not have imagined a decade ago.” 
Deals in Management courses
Students persuing an online Postgraduate diploma in buisness management is an online post-graduate diploma course in buisness administration, a shorter PG level business qualification than MBA that deals with various aspects of buisness management along with teaching management, like- marketing, finance, human resources(HR), risk management, investment and many more and is taught by an adept faculty, who have many years of experience in the relevant academic field. It is a 30 module course which offers any MBA student with advanced teaching and operational management skills to take on much bigger roles to drive an organisational management. 
Graduates with a non- buisness Bachelors' degree need to complete a pre-course self-study pack before the beginning their first Level 7 module. After a successful completion of the 1 year online post-graduate diploma in buisness, students are given the golden opportunity to progress on to study for a full Masters degree course.

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