Thursday, 17 December 2015

Online Examination Helps To Reduce Students Load

Does excessive focus on the exam system really help the students to excel in life? And how does school exam assist the children to learn challenges? Some argue in favor and a few against it. Though, assessment of the students are essential but too much of stress might not serve the real purpose of education. Excess emphasis on the exam can cause anxiety among the students. While institutes increase the burden of the exam, the learner remains to focus on improving the grade. This may develop the habit of memorization instead of understanding the lesson. Moreover, the students tend to develop health related issues beneath severe stress.

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There is little doubt on the effectiveness of the online learning. Being the most flexible platform for learning it offers convenience for selecting the time of learning. Students living in any part of the world can take distance learning via online from top institutes.

Are We Moving In The Right Direction?

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Some time it implies that institutes device exam as a tool to engage students to serious learning. But does it really serve the ultimate goal? In the real world, when we grow up, struggle to find a suitable job. Being new at first job the work responsibility seems like bending iron. My question is - Why can't we introduce an assessment system based on similar circumstances faced at profession? Parents educate their children with a purpose of securing their future. But if we consider the modern world job criteria how does passing exam with rote learning help? I think the time has come when parents should step in and ask raise question why institutes stress on taking exam constantly.

Passing The Exam

The word “exam” does not embolden the students. It, indeed, gives them cold. Passing the exam with high score tops priority of the learner. This shifts their focus to quick learning or we better say rote memorization of contents. Now the question arises- How does the c help the students to understand the topic or subject? Do we really remember what we rote? If yes, then for how long such information remains stored in our memory? These questions really required to be answered by the educational institutes, especially the schools.

Exam Stress Harming Health

There are thousands of survey and reports which says how exam stress has affected the mental and
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physical balance of the students. A survey conducted with 1300 in the UK by the ChildLine National Exam Stress shows that 96% felt anxious about exams and revision. The stress of exam forced students to take smoking and drugs. Moreover, students harmed themselves to avert exam distress. Due to the anxiety of exam students miss proper intake of food. Besides, during the exam students study till early morning, hence, lack of sleep could have an adverse effect on health.

Reconsider The Old Habit

The online education system has to evolve keeping the reality in consideration. However, lots of  improvement in education but still many practices of education need alteration to spread the benefits of online education. Schools and other educational institutes have to evaluate and reconsider if their exam pattern is putting heavy burden on the learner. I am not saying to abolish exam system. But it's utmost substantial that there is no additional burden of the exam on the students. Let's devise an education system where assessment exists but does not force learners to develop odd habits.

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