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Nigerian Education: Counting On ELearning

The Nigerian school children leave school in the midst of learning process. What makes them to quit school? Poverty is one prime reason in Nigeria pushes children to pull out from schools. Other cause is the inexperience of the parents which resulted children leave school. It is important for the parents to realise the essence of education. It'll allow their children to live a standard life. Moreover, the government has to ensure that children to participate educational learning.

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But how ? If we do the reality check we'll find that the educational environment in most the school are not favourable. Most schools do not have sufficient infrastructure to create conducive learning environment. Nigeria can use modern educational technology to ensure that every children receives education. Online and digital learning technology should be adopted to facilitate education to the children.

Online learning has already been added into the learning process of many schools globally. The e-learning is flexible as students can learn at any time and place. Moreover, The audio-video learning adds substance of attraction among the students. Online learning can help to address the issue of school drop-out prevalent in Nigeria and in most of the Sub-Saharan African countries. Read on.

Insufficient Time & Infra

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The National Universities Commission (NUC) and American University of Nigeria (AUN) has recently organised conference on the Technology-Assisted Learning in Nigerian Higher Education. IN the the conference experts and educationalists raised the issues related to growing population and education. Nigeria, is said, will the third largest populated country in the word by 2025. Dr. Margee Ensign, President, AUN, has expressed his concern that Nigeria have neither have sufficient time nor the resources to make schools for the foretasted population by 2025.

Using The Tech

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In the midst of the growing concern experts opines that technology can help Nigeria to meet the education demand by 2025. Meanwhile, AUN has devised LMS ( Learning Management System) software application to keep tab on the online learning and training course programs. With the LMS it trails, administer, etc. the online course programs. Softwares like Windows, DOS, Mac softwares- Skype, OpenERP, Moodles, Canvas and E-mail are being used between students and the instructor for exchanging informations and ideas. Julius Ayuk-Tabe, Asst. VP, Digital Services and Chief Information Officer, AUN said, “Technology has made the learning environment boundless, slowly displacing teachers. Technology is the pen and paper of our time, and we have a generation growing up in a digital world.”

Focus On Knowledge

In the online learning, the focus lies solely on the education. Instead of relying on the , unlike classroom teaching, concrete erudition of the students are focal point in e-learning. With the digital gadgets like- smart phones and tablet students can attend class. To make sure that all the learning material is available to the student schools and colleges have to bring in the e-library. The online library would be easy to access at convenient time and place.
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Amed Demirhan, GM & Director, Barzani National Memorial, Kurdistan and Iraq said, “We are applying information technology both to organisational structure, space and collection.” the Ex-Director, Library Services, AUN said, “That was why AUN was selected as one of the best innovative international projects in library in 2013. We want every school in Nigeria to know they can do what we did regardless of their resources.”The e-library and online learning centre of AUN is operated through web browser and OS system. About this Ayuk-Tabe says, “The difference between KOHA and Google is that KOHA helps to arrange database and filter non-academic materials.”

Following The Popular Trend

Nigeria has to adapt online learning in more wider perspective aiming to develop the economy of the country. The schoolchild need utmost attention so that their education is not compromised. Also, considering the rise population, online learning should be introduced in the schools. Since there is lack of resources in Nigeria to build the educational infrastructure, e-learning can offer great assistance catering education to the schoolchild. Online learning would allow the drop-out students to work and attend learning sessions simultaneously.

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