Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Vocation and Technical Education - A Key to Improving Nigeria's Development

The issue of unemployment is increasingly becoming a serious problem for Nigeria as it is adding fuel to the rising problem related to mass poverty. The truth is unemployment often results in disillusionment and frustration that leads to drug abuse and crime as a useless attempt to runaway from the reality. Unemployment has even impacted thousands of school students, graduates and dropouts of tertiary institutions as they are still unable to find proper job opportunities.

How technical education can help Nigeria

There is no doubt that unemployment is one of the biggest threats in Nigeria that is affecting the future of Nigerian youths. However, there are some ways that we can still counter the obstacle and transform the scenario. One of the best solutions towards this goal is technical education that can enable us to lead Nigeria towards economic development. There are numerous highly qualified and skilled individuals who could not manage to find a job and are financially dependent on their families and/or parents. The main reason for this is the dearth of required occupational skills that can enable our youths to be self employed and face various challenges related to employment and business. But we can instill these skills in them by offering quality technical and vocational education.

Technical education and training helps individuals to learn essential techniques and knowledge and how they can implement it for improving their conditions. With the help of technical and vocational education you will be better prepared to join the workforce as well as start your own business. It will enable you to be self reliant and significantly contribute towards the development of their communities. As most recruiters look for fresh graduates with new skills every year, it is imperative that apart from earning necessary academic qualifications, you also need to acquire certain skills that will give you an edge over your fellow graduates.

Enabling Nigeria to progress

As the Nigerian economy is becoming increasingly globalised, you need to earn the right knowledge and skill set which will empower you to become an integral part of the global economy immediately after your graduation. Hence, you must develop skills in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology in order to prepare yourself to enter the international market place.

Only when we will give the due attention to education and technological advancement, Nigeria will be able to develop into a noteworthy economic force. We also need to encourage and recognize creativity, and channel the essential materials as well as human resources to the best use. It is also important that our national leaders recognize the real value of technical and vocational education for overall national development which will motivate them to adopt what effectively works in developed countries.

We must start now

The importance of technical education as a key for economic progress can't be overemphasized. Nigeria will not be able to advance without institutes that offer high quality technical and vocational institutions. Nigeria needs to start now and make the necessary investment in vocational education and skills training as it will enable our nation to compete with the global market place and empower our youths to be come skilled workers with gainful employment.

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